Project Description and Location

NextEra Energy Transmission New York’s Empire State Line Project includes:

  • A new Dysinger 345 kV switchyard in Royalton that loops in the Niagara-Somerset and Niagara-Rochester 345 kV lines and cuts out the 345 kV line loop to the Somerset 345 kV line.
  • A new East Stolle switchyard in Elma.
  • A new Dysinger-East Stolle 345 kV line, approximately 20 miles long with a 700 MVA phase angle regulator at Dysinger end and a shunt reactor at East Stolle. The Dysinger substation will become the new 345 kV hub in Western New York, where seven 345 kV lines are connected, and electrically reduce the distance between Niagara and Rochester. The phase angle regulator on the Dysinger-East Stolle Road 345 kV line will provide additional operational flexibility to the 345 kV system.

The Empire State Line project will take approximately 12 months to build and will cost approximately $180 million. The targeted in-service date is June 2022.